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Video Surveillance...


There are so many options on the market today. We decided to only utelize the best of the best. We have alligned oursleves with Mobotix.  


Meet Mobotix. MOBOTIX has been producing super megapixel cameras exclusively for many years now and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.


Standard Cam ??

Pictured above is a typical single camera image of an entrance way to one of our clients using a standard camera they recently had installed.  This image was of no use for surveillance purposes.



After our upgrade we were able to achive the above with one Camera.  This Dual Lens option offers a panoramic view of the area allowing the client to monitor multiple areas of concern. A High Resolution Night Vision Telephoto Lens to allows the client ro read license plates of all vehicles enterng and departing the premise

170 Metres from Cam

To give you an idea of the capability of the ZOOM feature this was extracted from one of the exit files raw images

Zoomed in

And here is the Zoomed Plate Number


Take a look at our Comparison page HERE

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