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July 2015

IPROTECU is proud to announce a partnership with NEST Labs,  Most people don't program their thermostats – it's just too complicated. And that wastes a lot of energy. So we made it simple. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and can be controlled from your phone.  Offering Thermostats, Smoke and CO detertors and now Wireless Cameras.  Iprotecu has been selected as a reseller and installer of the Wireless Protection Products.

Fenix Outfitters Flashlights
June 2015

IPROTECU is proud to announce a partnership with Fenix Flashlights, Fenix makes the worlds best flashlights used by professionals the world over. If you absolutely need the best flashlight made then

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May 2014


IPROTECU is proud to announce a partnership with MOBOTIX.  MOBOTIX is leading Innovator of Super High Resolution Surveillance equipment.  MOBOTIX has been producing megapixel cameras exclusively for many years now and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.  We are proud and excited to be exclusively using MOBOTIX equipment in our "Top-of-the-Line" Installation projects.  Their reliability and quality is second to none - Dom Murphy

May 2014

In today’s changing market the most beneficial products are the ones which best satisfy the end-users needs and meet the resellers’ expectation of profitability. ABP’s portfolio offers a balance of current and future-ready innovation based on open standards for flexibility and cost advantages.


ABP partners with reliable vendors that collaborate with the channel and with motivated reseller's.

Combining the best “Made in USA” with Worldwide leaders in European and Asian manufacturing, ABP sources high quality IP Technology products. We select the core products and add peripheral elements and ABP's value added services to help you create exceptional, cost effective and interoperable solutions for your customers.


Our vision is that our specialized "value add" will make our partners more competitive and help them grow their business faster..

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